Gau München Erinnerungsabzeichen der 9 Nov 1923


Translation: Gau Munich Commemorative Badge 9th November 1923
Total awarded for WW II: unknown

A small and rond badge with a diameter of 35mm. Only in one bronze version. Some were made and marked by , DESCHLER & SOHN, MÜNCHEN, others were unmarked. There are diferences too in the "3". Around the wreath are the words "UND IHR HABT DOCH GESIEGT", meaning, "And yet you have conquered". Though never authorized as an official decoration, it was awarded to participants in the putsch of 9 November 1923.
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Information source(s):   - Littlejohn, David, Col. C.M. Dodkins, Orders, Decorations, Medals and Badges of the Third Reich, P. James Bender, 1968
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