Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)  
United Kingdom

Number of awards in the database: 517
Total awarded for WW II: 20354

Award description
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Safonov, Boris Feoktistovich
Sampson, Ralph William Fraser "Sammy" (2x)
Sawicz, Tadeusz
Schaper, Heije
Seale, Mack Donald
Sélys de Longchamps, Jean
Sillevis J.C.
Simes, Keith Owen
Simson, Jack Stuart
Sinnema H.
Skalski, Stanislaw (3x)
Smith, Albert E.
Speirs, Albert Robert
Spencer, Terence
Sproule, John Alexander
Spurdle, Robert Lawrence “Spud” (2x)
Stanford-Tuck, Roland Robert (3x)
Stevens, Richard Playne
Stewart, Ronald Walter
Stokes, George Rose Innes Masters
Stubbs, Dennis, Raymond
Swales, Edwin

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Picture source:   - Stephen Stratford
Information source(s):   - Dorling H.T., Ribbons and Medals, Philip, London 1974
- London Gazette dated 5th December 1919 with establashing regulations for DFC, AFC, DFM and AFM
- Veterans Affairs Canada
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