Bronze Star (BSM)

United States

Number of awards in the database: 2518
Total awarded for WW II: unknown

Award description
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O'Brien, William P.
O'Connell, Robert William
O'Daniel, John W. "Iron Mike"
O'Dea, Cifford J. "John"
O'Leary, Donoval L.
Oakley, Thomas Benjamin Jr.
Oaks, Orville
Ochacher, Hyman
Oftedahl, Lawrence D.
Oiye, George "Whitey"
Olson, Albert N.
Olson, Hardin L.
Oot, Earl L. (2x)
Orr, Ray F.
Orr, Willard F.
Ortego, Ralph
Orvin, Louis Ernest, Jr. "Lukie"
Oskins, Robert D.
Ostendorf, Herman J.
Ostrum, Melvin J.
Ott, Edward V.
Ott, Lambert B.
Overman, Ellis
Overmyer, Eugene E.
Owens, Frank H.
Owens, James J.,
Owens, Ralph
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Information source(s):   - Foster F., Borts L., A Cmplete Guide to All United States Military Medals, 6th Edition, MOA Press, Fountain Inn, 2005, ISBN 1-884452-23-X
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