Silver Star

United States

Number of awards in the database: 2605
Total awarded for WW II: unknown

Award description
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Cahoon, Gomez B.
Cain, James F.
Cain, Jesse D.
Callahan, James W.
Callen, James T.
Campbell, Albert
Campbell, Clayton J.
Campbell, George W.
Campbell, John J. (US-121st INF)
Campbell, John, Jr. (US-134th INF)
Campbell, Russell "Pop"
Canatsey, Lawrence, D.
Candler, Harry W.
Cannon, Odell E.
Cano, Percy R.
Cantrell, Fred H.
Capehart, Cecil
Capito, John E.
Capozi, Louis Joseph
Capozzi, Joseph, Jr.
Cardullo, Everett P.
Carew, John J.
Carey, Frank Reginald 'Chota'
Carico, Hugh V.
Carinder, George E.
Carlen, Kenneth L.
Caroccia, Nicholas
Carpenter, Frank J.
Carr, Oliver B. Jr., "O.B."
Carr, Reuben A.
Carrier, John S.
Carroll, Gale
Carroll, Merle Ray
Carson, Harley E.
Carson, William L.
Carstedt, Keith M.
Carter, Henry G.
Carttar, Donald M.
Casey, Alfred G.
Casey, Bruce M.
Casner, Leeta L., Jr.
Cason, Oscar W.
Casper, Lawrence F.
Cassidy, Fred J.
Cassidy, Patrick J.
Castano, Frank F. (2x)
Castanzo, Joseph C.
Castle, Frederick Walker
Catrell, Frederick A.
Cavenee, Ray E. (2x)
Ceballos, John "Poncho"
Chafin, Harry C.
Chalgren, Edward, Jr.
Chamberlin, Elesworth B.
Chamberlin, John C. "Jack"
Chambers, Justice Marion
Chambers, Leslie Morris, Jr.
Chambers, Ralph W.
Champeny, Arthur Seymour
Chandler, Jacob "Jake"
Chaney, Boulden O.
Chapin, Robert W.
Chappell, Elmo L. (2x)
Chappuis, Steve Archie "Silent Steve"
Charles, Edward Francis John "Jack"
Chase, Charles B.
Chatfield, Henry H.
Chatfield, Keith G.
Checketts, John Milne
Cheek, Andrew Roy
Cheves, Wallace R.
Childers, Vester J.
Chilson, Llewellyn M. (3x)
Christensen, George E.
Christie, Ellies C.
Chung-Hoon, Gordon Pai'ea
Clabaugh, Robert H.
Claggett, Bladen Dulaney (2x)
Clainos, Peter D.
Clancy, Thomas J., Jr.
Clapp, Charles H.
Clark, Raphael D.
Clark, Warren J. (US-12th INF)
Clarkson, Percy William (2x)
Clawson, Harry Allen
Clayton, Arthur H.
Cleary, James T.
Cliff, John C.
Clifford Jr., William
Clifford, Harold A. (2x)
Clift, Jack T.
Clostermann, Pierre
Coakley, Leo G. (2x)
Coates, Charles F.
Coburn, Perry
Cochran, Clarence B.
Cochran, John H.
Cody, Willard E.
Coker, James T.
Cokinos, Mike P.
Colalillo, Mike
Cole, George A.
Cole, Robert
Coleman, Earl A. "Pappy"
Coles, James W. "Red"
Coleton, John M., Jr.
Collins, Arthur S., Jr.
Collins, Earl
Collins, Francis J.
Collins, William Neil
Collis, Harold Jay
Colson, Charles F.
Combs, Rex G. (2x)
Compton, Lynn D. "Buck"
Cone, Albertus J.
Conger, Alwyn D. (2x)
Conley, Alva A.
Conn, Clyde M.
Connell, John W. Jr.
Connelly, Morrell F. "Buck"
Conrad, Alfred H.
Converse, Glen E.
Conway, Harold
Cook, Earl J.
Cooke, Lionel W.
Cooke, William L.
Coolidge, Joseph B.
Coon, Kenneth R.
Cooper, Earl M.
Cooper, George F., Jr.
Cooper, Robert E.
Corbin, Ralph P.
Corlett, Charles H. "Cowboy Pete"
Corner, James W.
Cortright, Jay W.
Costa, Joseph F.
Costanzo, Thomas G.
Costello, Gordon B.
Cota, Norman Daniel "Dutch"
Cotter, Lloyd H. (2x)
Cottingham, Levin B.
Cotton, Rance
Courtney, William J.
Covington, Delbert L.
Cox, George E. (US-760th TANK)
Cox, Robert C.
Coyle, James J. "Jim"
Coyle, Michael D.
Craig, Dan E.
Craig, Francis Selinger, Jr.
Crain, James Wendell
Crane, Clell
Crawford, Joseph B. (2x)
Crawford, Kenyon V.
Crawford-Compton, William Vernon
Creasman, Oscar H.
Crecy, Warren Gamaliel Harding
Creech, John A.
Creel, Bruckner M.
Creger, John B.
Cremer, Cornelius V.
Crim, William.L
Crochet, Robert J.
Cronk, Jefferson R.
Cross, Milo J.
Crossett, Christopher W.
Crosson, Thomas A.
Crouse, John C., Jr.
Crowder, Herman R., Jr.
Crowe, Henry Pierson "Jim"
Cruz, Raymond
Crye, Howard C.
Culp, Wayne R.
Cummings, Robert L.
Cummins, Lloyd A.
Cunningham, David V.
Cunningham, John "Cat's Eyes"
Cunningham, Robert L.
Cupka, John L.
Currey, Francis S.
Curtis, Chester E.
Cushman, Robert P.
Cutter, Slade Deville (2x)
Czajkowski, John E.
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