Translation: Honour Roll Clasp
The Ehrenblattspangen followed on the mentioning of military in the Ehrenblatt (Honor Roll) of the specific "Heeres und Waffen-SS", "Kriegsmarine" or "Luftwaffe".
At first there was only the "Nennung im Ehrenblatt" (Mentioning in Honor Roll) which was in later times followed by the Ehrenblattspange to be worn on the ribbon of the Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse which was to be worn in the second button hole of the uniform jacket. Although a second or more mentioning in the Ehrenblatt was possible, this was not followed by the presenting of more than the first Ehrenblattspange, also ther has never been developed any device to denote a further mentioning in the Ehrenblatt.
Ehrenblattspange des Heeres und Waffen-SS
Honour Roll Clasp of the Army
Ehrentafelspange der Kriegsmarine
Honor Roll Clasp of the Kriegsmarine
Ehrenblattspange der Luftwaffe
Honor Roll Clasp of the Luftwaffe

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Information source(s):   - Lumsden R., Medals and Decorations of Hitler's Germany, Airlife, Shrewsbury, 2001
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