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United Kingdom

Number of awards in the database: 546
Total awarded for WW II: unknown

Award description
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Abecassis, George Edgar
Adair, Allan Henry Shafto (2x)
Adam, John Rooch
Adams, Andrew Alexander
Adams, Arhur Robert
Adams, Eric Victor
Adams, James Allen
Adams, John Lindley
Adams, Joseph Hervey Chauncey
Ainslie, Ralph Murray
Ainslie, Thomas Edgar Craig
Ainslie, William John
Aitken, Adam Frederick
Aitkens, Francis Charles
Akhurst, Edward Carden
Aldwinckle, Robert Morrison
Alexander, Harold Rupert Leofric George "Alex" (2x)
Allan, John Watson "Iain"
Allen, Norman George
Allen, Oliver Alexander
Allen, Robert Swinton
Allen, William Edward
Allenberg, William Harry
Allman, John Jacob
Amell, Harry Lawrence
Amos, John Arthur
Anderson, Clifford Arthur Stevenson
Anderson, Edna Grace
Anderson, Jack Fenton
Anderson, Juhl Arthur
Anderson, Lloyd Harold
Anderson, Michael Herbert
Anderson, Moffat
Anderson, Norman Russell
Anderson, Peter Murray "Andy"
Anderson, Philip James
Andras, Kenneth Bertram
Andrews, Arthur Ellis
Angell, Ronald Ford Chapman
Angers, Joseph Arthur Angus Bruneau
Anguish, Jack Mills
Annis, Clare Levi
Annis, Edward Stewart
Anstes, Trevor
Anton, George Joseph
Appleton, Douglas Charles
Arbeau, Cyril Walter
Archer, Ernest Leonard
Arthur, Wilfred Stanley (2x)
Ashurst, Norman
Ashworth, Arthur
Atcherley, David Francis William (3x)
Atcherley, Richard Llewellyn Roger (3x)
Aubertin, Pierre Gaston
Ayling, Charles Henry
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