Pilots Badge  

Total awarded for WW II: unknown

The Bulgarian Pilotbadge has a screwback. The badge is partly enamelled and made of guilded brass. The badge measures 55,65 mm high and 37,70 mm width. The obverse shows a flying eagle on a blue enamelled plate with guilded sun and rays. The width of the eagle is 33,40 mm. The drawing is being surrounded with a laurel and is crowned. The crown measures 13,25 mm high and 17,40 mm wide. Below the laurel is a red shield with guilded lion.

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Picture source:   - Aviation Wings and Badges of World War Two
Information source(s):   - Lautenschläger U., Bulgarische Fliegerabzeichen Teil I, Internationalse Militaria Magazine Nr. 118, VDM verlag, 2005
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