Verwundetenabzeichen 1939 in Gold


Translation: Wounded Badge 1939 in Gold
Number of awards in the database: 227
Total awarded for WW II: unknown

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This award is slightly different than the Spanish Wound Badge, because the crossway placed swords are somewhat broader and the new steel helmet type, the M35 model is used for this badge. The swastika on the helmed is slightly lager and the dots on the intermediary fields are on this badge placed in horizontally lines. Further is the badge oval shaped with a laurel leaves wreath at the outer edge of the badge. At the base of the badge is a knot and at the top are three berries underneath each other placed. The golden version has a solid reverse and is the gilded version of the silver wound badge. The pin with hook construction can just as with the silver version be a thin round pin or a broad flat one. The broad flat pin is the most common pin with hook construction with the golden version. The golden version was awarded for 5 or more wounds or for a single wound that resulted in the loss of manhood, blindness or total disability.
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