Krzyz Bitwy pod Lenino  

Total presented in WWII: unknown

The Krzyz Bitwy pod Lenino (Cross "for the battle near Lenino") was instituted on May 26th 1988 by the Polish Parliament.
The medal was awarded to the veterans of the 1st Polish infantry division of T. Kosciuszko, that participated in the battle under the village of Lenino in the Mogilev region (republic Belarus).
On 12 - 13 October, 1943, in the region of the village of Lenino they under the command of General Z. Berling engaged for the first time in battle with the German troops. The Division was formed on the initiative of the union of Polish patriots in the USSR.

The medal is composed in the form of two, superimposed to each other, large variously-sized Greek crosses: the arms of small (lower) cross are wide and short, of the large (upper) - narrow and long. The relief image of the uncrowned eagle covers the center section of the upper cross.
On the obverse side of decoration the inscription is made out of convex letters into three lines: "12 X-LENINO-1943". The medal was made of yellow oxidized metal with a silver layer.
The ribbon is yellow, with the bands of light blue colour (colours of the 1st Polish Infantry Division) on the edges and white-red strip in the center.

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