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With this website we intend to make a time document. Decorations are an essential part in recognising deeds and participating in activities, especially in times of war. During the Second World War a huge amount of decorations were given and developed. This website does not intend to judge the reasons why people were decorated but intends just to give the facts as they were for future generations. 

When we came up with the idea for this website, we didn't realise the extend of the subject. Soon we found out the huge amount of information that came our way. Because of that we realised it was almost impossible to present the total on opening. We made the choice to present it as an ever ongoing project that could be extended and will almost be timeless. At the moment of presentation the website will be far from ready. It's also not our intention to make it ready. Visitors will soon find out that many information will still be missing. We intentionally made the choice to give our visitors the opportunity to participate in completing the project. A project that needs help in many different ways. Support is needed in filling the gaps in information, in giving more and new information, but also it needs help financially. Financially we need help to make us able to research, but maybe more important in keeping this website alive.

Any individual contribution is most welcome. With the help of the input possibilities, persons and decorations can be presented for placing in the database. This can only be possible as far as we practically can, but is also depending on financial help. At the start only the most important decorations will be open for placing the recipients. When we have the practical and financial means, the database will be extended more and more. To give financial donations we have different possibilities.

Finally we would like to thank everyone that in any way contributed to the website or will be contributing in the future. Without all this help we would never have been able to present the website this far. Of course we also would like to thank their love ones, relatives and friends for their patience they had to bring up during the past time. We wish all of you many hours of pleasure in visiting this website.

For the record we feel the need to inform that the databases are not complete and the decorations stated with a person only concerns decorations that were received during or in relation to the Second World War. The timeline of that Second World War can be different for each nation. With the description of each country we try to clarify what the timepriod is for each country specific. Exceptions can be made on individual basis.

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